January 17, 2018

Safety shoes

We deliver an unparalleled range of Safety Boots. This range is developed utilizing high-grade raw material and advanced machinery in strict compliance with the international quality norms and standards. Along with this, the offered range is customized on different specifications such as size, grades and allied to fulfill the assorted requirements of esteemed clients.



  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Soft
Metal Instep footwear

Metal Instep footwear

Safety footwear ensures that the feet are kept protected from all outward injuries, accidents and harmful objects. This type of safety footwear has been designed specially to protect and safeguard the feet from sharp and pointed objects like nails, glass pieces and other metal objects. People who work in large industrial factories that have to do with manufacture of machinery, glass objects etc. usually wear these safety shoes. It helps preventing these sharp objects from penetrating to the feet, causing injury or harm.

Steel Toe

Steel Toe Shoes

These shoes are special safety shoes that have been specifically designed and created to protect the upper part of the foot and bones. It reduces and prevents injuries from accidents and mishaps that can occur due to heavy equipment falling or dropping down on the feet. Also known as “drop hazards” these safety shoes are made to protect the feet internally as well as externally. It also safeguards the toe area as well. These are usually worn in construction sites or jobs that involve lifting of heavy equipment and machines.

Electric hazard

Electric hazard shoes

Those employees that work with electricity, circuits, wiring and high voltage machines and devices, specially wear this kind of footwear. They are specially made with a sole that helps reduce the potential of any employee receiving an electric shock when exposed to high voltage circuits and electricity. Electric hazards are most common and can cause death, hence one must ensure he or she wears these safety shoes while on the job. Along with these types of shoes we offer many other different range of safety footwear for different job roles, like shoes that should be water resistant, or heat resistant shoes that should be worn when working with jobs that expose one to fire and overly heated machinery including welding. Fire fighters require slip resistance footwear that would help them from falling while on the job. Hence after looking at all the different safety shoes, one should realise that a proper pair of safety shoes would definitely help, as it is better to be safe than sorry. Steel Toe Guards-These steel toe guards are specially designed for the executives and visitors of a hazardous work places. Steel Toe Guards have a 4 1/2" width that fit any shoe to provide maximum comfort and toe protection without encasing the toe. With lighter weight, each safety guard equipment has quick fastener and adjustable web strap and is designed to withstand heavy impacts. Features: • Carbon Steel • Fits any shoe • Provide maximum comfort and protection • Does not encase the toe • Quick fastener • Adjustable web strap • Gender: Unisex • Size: Free(Fits shoe size 36 - 45)