Summer Sheets

Summer Sheets/Summer Rugs

In the summer, the need to keep your horse warm is not as relevant. However, if you are transporting your horse to a show, you will want to ensure that your horse stays clean and free of dust. You won’t want to turn up to a show with a horse that has a dirty coat. This is where summer sheets come in. These popular rugs are very good at keeping your horse clean and keeping its well groomed coat nice and shiny before an event. Again, here at Equine Superstore, we have a number of summer rugs from Saxon and Amigo, and many more. Have a look at our summer sheets now by clicking here.

Fly Sheet Rug1

Fly Sheets/Fly Rugs

A fly rug or fly sheet is a lightweight fine mesh rug that offers protection to horses from biting flies and insects during the summer. Fly rugs with an integrated neck cover, belly flap and tail flap offer the most protection and the finer the mesh of the fly rug, the better the protection the fly rug offers from flies and midges.

Travel Rug

Travel Rugs

A travel rug is a light blanket type horse rug that offers protection against dust and flies whilst travelling.

pet rugs

Pet Rugs

In need of keeping your pets safe, free from dust, weather and to protect them these rugs are designed and manufactured from best quality raw material that is best suited for your pets.

Features :


  • Fade proof
  • Elegant look
  • Premium finish


Other details:


These are all available in cotton canvas rug with nylon straps